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Purbachal New Model Town


Purbachal new planned city/town It is the largest planned township in the country. The project area comprises approximately 6,150 acres of land between Shitalakhya and the Balu River in Rupgonj Thana in Narayangonj District and in Kaligonj Thana in Gazipur District in northeast Dhaka. The community is connected by an 8 highways  wide road from the intersection of Airport Road / Progati Swarani. The distance is only 6.8 km. Around 26,000 residential properties of various sizes, 62,000 apartments with the necessary infrastructure are provided. and urban facilities. RAJUK intends to plan and develop the area as an autonomous new municipality with all modern facilities and facilities. 38.74% of the areas used for residential purposes, 25.9% for motorways, 6.41% for administration and trade, 3.2% for institutions and industrial parks, 6.6% for urban green and open spaces, 7.1% for lakes and canals, 2.5% for sport, 6% for education, health and social infrastructure.

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