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AribuyBD is an e-commerce website, where we provide the best construction materials, affordable price which our customers will be satisfied with, also we provide the best contractors, engineers and workers for your dream house.

Arison Logistics & Trading Limited

We are a provider of logistics and transportation services all throughout the country. Our highly integrated network specialises in transporting construction materials from suppliers to customers.

Real Estate Work Since 2019

Arison Holdings LTD is a decentralized organization. The objective of this real-estate company is not only to improve efficiency but also to furnish a sense of belonging even to non-technical staff to strive towards the wellbeing of the group. We’re offering luxurious ready flat/apartment, commercial property for buy-sale in the city.

Our mission is to continuously advance our position of leading Real estate & construction in Bangladesh and to build a reputation for quality speed, efficiency & reliability. 

Arison Holdings Limited since 2017
We aim to be the one-stop solution for all your construction needs. Starting from raw materials to engineers and property lands, we provide it all with top-quality service and expertise.
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Purbachal New Model Town (Patira, Yousufganj) - The Future of Dhaka


Purbachal new planned city/town It is the largest planned township in the country. The project area comprises approximately 6,150 acres of land between Shitalakhya and the Balu River in Rupgonj Thana in Narayangonj District and in Kaligonj Thana in Gazipur District in northeast Dhaka. The community is connected by an 8 highways  wide road from the intersection of Airport Road / Progati Swarani. The distance is only 6.8 km. Around 26,000 residential properties of various sizes, 62,000 apartments with the necessary infrastructure are provided. and urban facilities. RAJUK intends to plan and develop the area as an autonomous new municipality with all modern facilities and facilities. 38.74% of the areas used for residential purposes, 25.9% for motorways, 6.41% for administration and trade, 3.2% for institutions and industrial parks, 6.6% for urban green and open spaces, 7.1% for lakes and canals, 2.5% for sport, 6% for education, health and social infrastructure.

Building Materials Price List

Updated on 2022-08-08 12:26 AM

Construction / Building Material Price list is required before starting any construction project whether it’s a home, industrial or commercial purpose. In building/construction, we used various sorts of development materials from raw materials to finishing, protective and ornamental materials.

However, a few materials are fundamental, without that construction work might not be complete. Such materials list includes Bricks, Cement, Rod, Steel, Stone, Sand, ready mix concrete, Binding wires, Coarse aggregates, Fine aggregates, Blocks and many more. All the building construction materials come in different grades, Sizes, and Brands which are used for different purposes in construction based on their functionality and strength.

The used construction materials should be selected carefully to make certain the safety and long-lasting existence of the building. To find a detailed construction materials info & prices please visit our Aribuy store.

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    Jamshed Chowdhury
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    Dedicated, professional and talented bunches, with complete consultation,would recommend if your are looking for complete solution
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    Ahmed Ullah
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    You guys are providing reliable service with affordable price. Keep up the good work
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    Shorif Chowdhury
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    Best construction materials, trustworthy and maintains there commitment towards client.
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    Best & fastest growing real estate company in bd
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    Trustworthy and reliable. Always keep there words.

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      Welcome to AHL!

      Our core value is to respect our clients and assist them in any possible way to get their desired land or complete their dream project or acquire their preferred materials. 

      We strongly believe in providing our clients the following through our service:

      Things to know before buying LAND

      What you need to know well before purchasing your land after receiving the land through any deed. Before purchasing land, check the following this kind of information:
      1. Whether the seller has a valid right of ownership and transfer.
      2. Whether the latest khatian of the proposed property is in the giver own name or if it is the property of the ex-generation, the last khatian of the proposed property is in the ex-generation name or not.
      3. Whether land tax has been paid till now.
      4. Whether the seller has possession of the proposed property.
      5. The property is not own or government.
      6. No sales agreement or advance letter has been registered with any other party.
      7. Not liable to banks or any financial institution.

      Plots sale are the steps in the sales process:
      First Step: Plot selection, plot visit, plot pricing.
      Second Step: Transfer of Legal Documents Photocopy to buyer end (The buyer will inspect at his own risk)
      Third Step: Once the buyer is satisfied after checking the legal documents, he will resolve the plot purchase agreement and registration work with us. Provided as a significant token money at first and accept 20% down payment of plot price at the time of contract. The remaining 80% of the total value will be accepted at the time of registration. Installment facility exists.

      After receiving the land through any document, you have to do the following to establish your ownership:
      1. After the registry of deeds, the boundaries are determined by Amin by measuring the land occupancy must be understood from the owner.
      2. If it is late to get the original document from the registry office, duplicate the original document or certified copy must be collected.
      3. Immediately after receiving the copy of the deed in the office of the concerned Assistant Commissioner (Land). You have to apply and make a mutation in your own name, because of possession and f you delay in naming, the unscrupulous seller will sell your land elsewhere can sell.
      4. If Namjari is in the office of Assistant Commissioner (Land), Namjari Khatian and D, C, R, have to be collected.
      5. Not liable to banks or any financial institution.
      6. Whether the legal guardian or the guardian appointed by the court has the power to sell the property of the minor.
      7. Proposed property for transfer is not subject to crook under the Bangladesh Brokers (Special Tribunal) Order 1972.
      8. Bangladesh Abandoned Property (Control, Management and Disposal) Order 1972, not abandoned in its meaning.
      9. The property proposed for transfer is not confiscated in favor of the government.
      10. The proposed transfer does not conflict with any provision of any other law for the time being.
      11. Whether an attorney has been appointed for the sale of land.
      You have to document various issues of daily life. Depending on the document stamp value will be different.
      1. 2% of the total value for RAJUK plots and tax documents equivalent stamp;
      2. Stamp of equivalent to 2% of the value of the trust deed capital deed;
      3. 30-taka stamp for copy of will;
      4. 50-taka for forged kabala, bonds, distribution letters, certified copy documents stamp;
      5. 100-taka stamp for copy, khash-power of attorney document; cancellation of affidavit, affidavit of banyana, declaration of heber, no claim letter 200-taka stamp for documents;
      6. Agreement documents, commitments, documents memorandum of 300-taka money stamp for agreement, redemption, solenama or aposnama;
      7. Stamp of tk. 400 for power of attorney documents and Saf kabala documents;
      8. 500 Stamps for divorce affidavit documents;
      9. 2,000 Stamps for partnership deeds;

      In case of execution of mortgage or mortgage deeds:
      A) 1 taka to 20 lakh takas need to 2 thousand-taka stamps;
      B) 20 lakh to 1 crore need to 5-thousand-taka stamps;

      C) In case of above 1 crore 1 taka need 5-thousand-taka stamps and for every lakh 2 Stamps of total money value will be required at the percentage rate.

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      We aim to be the one-stop solution for all your construction needs. Starting from raw materials to engineers and property lands, we provide it all with top-quality service and expertise.